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Patios and planning your patio location

Patios, along with decking areas are the centre piece of outdoor entertaining for your BBQ or garden social gathering.


Although many factors affect the success of your finished patio, the most important consideration is its location and position in your garden. Your patio location will influence how much it is used and how well it serves and benefits your enjoyment in the garden.


 Patios and planing your patio location


If the patio is for outdoor dining for example, having it close to the kitchen will almost definitely increases the likelihood of its being used for obvious reasons. Positioning your garden patio in a remote area if its main purpose is for outdoor dining, may seem a great idea but be realistically how you will respond to it will be more than likely “It’s easier to eat indoors…” and so the patio becomes redundant.


Trees provide welcome shade for patio areas and are a way to add shade instantly. Another factor to consider when locating and planning the patio location is what’s called the microclimate. The microclimate describes different areas of your garden that are either shaded, open to wind or enclosed shielded from wind etc, each have varying temperature differences to each other. A spot that is convenient to the kitchen may have too much or too little sun or an unpleasant view. Wind, sound, and privacy should also be considered. You may be able to screen the unattractive views, add shade, or remove branches from trees to bring sunlight into the area. Or you may need to find another location for the patio. A master plan will help in dealing with these situations.


When planning your patio, consider the proximity of large trees that may suffer root damage or damage the patios themselves. Shallow roots can damage a patio in time as well as the consideration of accessibility to utilities such as electricity for lighting or water for a fountain.


Tapton Surfacing can advise you on the pros and cons of positioning with respect to your garden and preferences.


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